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Make the most of your kids’ school break by enrolling them at Aish Camp! Snacks and lunches provided - just send us your kids - we'll take care of the rest! 

Breaks from school are so important for children - it’s a time for them to kick back, let loose, and have fun. Away from the pressure and stresses of school, kids can thrive as they immerse themselves in sports, water activities, baking, and creative projects. 

Aish Camp is all about having fun, providing opportunities for healthy interactions with peers, creative crafting, and out-of-the-box experiences. Through it all, your children will be engaged in learning about Jewish themes and concepts that will strengthen their core values and Jewish identity. 

When do we offer camp? 
Aish camp is offered whenever there is a school break and parents find themselves at a loss at what to do with their kids. Aish serves the community by providing a meaningful, Jewish day camp experience 4-5 times throughout the year: during spring break, summer breaks, winter breaks and on extended holiday weekends. Too many snow days? We will offer a pop-up camp on those days, too! Our mission is to give your family amazing Jewish experiences. We hope you join us. 

Do you offer a "2s" program, or a program for older kids? 
It's a numbers game. We would love to provide a program for those ages it just depends on registration. Please contact us if you would like to send a child is either too young or too old for our current camp. When we have a minimum of 6 kids interested we will create a bunk for that age. 

Do you offer scholarships? 
Aish receives numerous Jewish education grants. The Jewish Federation provides funding for educators and programs, and the Deroy Testamentary Foundation provides scholarship support. Other support is provided by generous donations given throughout the year. 

What types of snacks and Lunches does Aish Camp provide? 
Aish Camp provides two healthy snacks and one filling lunch every day. All food is kosher and nut-free. If your child has any allergies or special diets, we will work with you to create a menu that they can enjoy. 

How do you choose your staff? 
We look for dynamic and experienced counselors who possess an equal love for children and Judaism. Daily staff meetings and seasonal trainings bring out the best energy from each staff member. 

What emergency protocols do you have in place? 
Our Camp Director is CPR Certified and present for the full camp day. In case of emergency, the Director will contact parents and your child's emergency contacts if they can't reach you. For minor injuries, a Boo-Boo Report is sent home with the child. 

Who are the visiting artists and guests that come to Aish Camp? 
We have weekly visits from special guests at Aish Camp. Visitors have included musicians, beekeepers, yoga instructors, magicians, and more. 


How Jewish is Aish Camp? 
Very! Our camps are created with Jewish education in mind. Our themes cover a variety of Jewish topics such as holidays and Shabbat, Biblical characters, middot (character development), and Hebrew immersion.

What does a typical day look like at Aish Camp? 
9am Free Play 
9:30am Assembly (includes prayers and calisthenics) 
10:00 Baking 
10:30 Snack 
11:00 Outdoor Play 
12:00 Lunch 
12:30 Craft 
1:00 Organized Games 
1:30 Snack 
2:00 Bounce House  
2:30 Clean-up and Story 
3:00 Home 


Contact: 25725 Coolidge Hwy. Oak Park, MI 48237    Tel: 248-327-3579.  Email:
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