Welcome To Shiloh Winery

Shiloh Winery, founded by Dr. Mayer Chomer in 2005, contains a 40-acre vineyard nestled in the historic Judean Hills. Their logo, the bull, is derived from the symbolic reference to Joseph whose descendants lived in that region in biblical times.

With his round spectacles, dapper style, and eloquent manner of speech – Vintner Amichai Lourie’s countenance seems more like a college professor than a rugged pioneer; but he’s a little bit of both. With his vast knowledge of Torah, Jewish history, and winemaking, Amichai enlightens everyone he encounters on matters ranging from the intricate laws of Maaser (tithing), to the science behind the soil’s impact on grape production.

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DATE: September 30th at 9PM

Where: ZOOM credentials provided at registration.

Included: two specially selected bottles of wine, discounts on future purchases, and supporting Aish.