The Aish Mother-daughter Bat Mitzvah program brings significant meaning and content to the Bat Mitzvah year. The program includes experiential learning sessions for mothers and daughters that focus on the image and actions of Jewish women throughout the generations.  Every session includes a shared learning experience for mothers and daughters, based on sources, creative activities (drama, movement, art…) and a group discussion that connects the world of Jewish values to the everyday life of the girls. This is a wonderful opportunity to build Jewish identity, while strengthening the bond between mother and daughter; it is a positive experience of growth and empowerment.

Personal empowerment for mothers and daughters during the Bat Mitzvah year


Together we will embark on a journey for mothers and daughters.  At each session we will explore together a well-known multidimensional female figure, from earlier ages until today.  We will look at the world of values that motivated them and whether that remains relevant today.


We will begin with Bereishit (Genesis) – my name and its essence and the meaning of the Bat Mitzvah year as a transition from childhood to adulthood.


Each of us is Queen Esther – to discover the forces inherent in each of us and how to realize them.  The transition from being led to leading.


Introspection – about prayer, the character of Chana, meditation, gratitude for our surroundings


Deborah – a multifaceted leader.  To discover the leader within me…and to give her a place in my life 


Each session lasts about two hours and is divided into three parts:


Part One – “My Story” – Mothers and daughters will experience together a significant figure from the past, from a written story.

This is the stage in which it is important to us to bring mother and daughter close to each other and facilitate discourse between them (we will rely on Biblical texts that enable us to share the image of a character that is external to our lives).

Part two – (central to the program) – Character and Creativity – creative activities in which the girls experience their identity through artistic expression (drama, movement, painting and color)

Part 3 – Who am I and what is my name – We will discover the meaning and values that we would like to incorporate into our everyday lives – (leadership, responsibility, admiration and identification, realizing hidden talent etc). We will connect all the topics we touched on during the sessions and examine their relevance to our lives today.


The journey ends with a Bat Mitzvah ceremony at AISH  for the entire extended family.

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