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    Simcha Tolwin

    Rabbi & Fundraiser

    Rabbi Simcha Tolwin is the Executive Director and chief bottle washer at  Aish. If you want to find him, he can usually be spotted at 5am or 11pm sitting on his front porch. In between those hours, his favorite past time is to grab a cup of coffee with you and chat about Aish, the Jewish People, and Torah. Rabbi T (as he is often called) just graduated with a MS in clinical counseling, studies Talmud each day, and calls himself a life long learner.  Rabbi Tolwin is married to Estie, his partner in life and at Aish. They have 6 kids, their oldest is Chaim who recently got married to Aviva, followed by Shayna, Aleeza, Ari, Yoni, and Nati.  Rabbi T can easily be reached by email: simchat@aish.com, or on his cell.


    How you can interact with Rabbi T

    1. Go out for a cup of coffee

    2. Join his Tuesday morning Power Torah class

    3.  Join him any night at Aish at the ASK Kollel program

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    Estie Tolwin

    Rebetzin & Enhancement Director

    Estie Tolwin is the educational force behind Aish HaTorah. As Program Director, she decides what programs we offer, and how they are run. Estie is the reason that every time you walk into Aish it's an experience for the body and the soul.  Together with her husband Simcha they have 6 children, no pets, and a home that is open to all.  They moved from the East coast in 2007, and live in Huntington Woods a short walk from the Aish Center. Estie graduated with a BS in nutrition and uses her degree to make sure everyone is eating healthy at home and at Aish.  Estie teaches 3 weekly classes and loves sharing Torah more than anything else.


    Where you can catch up with Estie:

    1. Join one of her weekly classes

    2. Set up some one-on-one time: learning, making challah or going for a walk.

    3. Join one of her amazing Israel trips.

  • Shaina Weiss

    Sunday School Director

    Shaina directs Aish Sunday School, one of the most innovative Sunday Schools in North America. Her passion is to empower kids with love for and pride in their Judaism. She's a millenial mom, social media marketer, communications specialist, and directs our well-loved Aish Camp. When she's not at Aish, you'll usually find Shaina at home with her daughters cooking, baking, and crafting something sparkly. 

    How you can interact with Shaina:

    1. Get together for avocado toast

    2. Join her Friday mornings for Shabbat cooking in her kitchen 

    3. Make a play date at the park 

  • Shneur Feldman

    Director of The Aish Scholars  Kollel (ASK )

    Rabbi Shneur Feldman claims to know the secret to Jewish success:  an unbridled passion for intense Torah study. Raised in Lakewood, NJ, just doors away from America's largest Yeshiva, Rabbi Shneur believes that it is every Jew's birthright to connect to the Torah. Positive energy is his trademark, and he has brought that to summer camps and Jewish children's programming across the country. His greatest accomplishment is mastering the art of bedtime, so that he can have his six lively children settled in bed in time for him to get to the Aish Scholars Kollel by 8:30pm every evening.


    Where to meet Shneuer:

    Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights from 8:30-11pm at Aish

  • Colorful Bubbles

    Miriam Blitz

    Executive Administrative Assistant


    Miriam Blitz is Aish’s behind the scenes office force. Miriam keeps the books, lends a hand to building maintenance and everything in between. With her penchant for detail and organization, her mark is felt in our smooth operations and throughout our facility.


    Miriam can be reached

    1.       At Aish from 8:30-1:30 in our office or around the building

    2.       At her Oak Park home hanging out with her clan

    3.       Anytime via email or phone mblitz@aish.com

Contact: 25725 Coolidge Hwy. Oak Park, MI 48237    Tel: 248-327-3579.  Email: simchat@aish.com