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A once-in-a-lifetime priceless opportunity for you and your family to inscribe your legacy in the brand new Aish Torah Scroll. The winner of this prize wins the coveted honor of writing the final letter in the Torah at our Grand Closing Ceremony on Sunday, April 26, 2020. 

Terms & Conditions:

Must be present at the Closing Ceremony on 4/26/2020. 

Write the Last Letter in our Torah

  • Each item in the Tin-Can Auction is $10 per entry.

    For each item you add to your cart you will be charged $10. Once your purchase is made, a raffle ticket is entered into the Tin-Can auctions that you have chosen. You can enter a raffle as many times as you like, simply select and item multiple times and your entries will reflect the quantity you choose. The winners will be drawn on January 25th at the Aish gala.

    Tickets will be available for purchase at the gala as well. At the Gala you will have the opportunity to place any newly purchased auction tickets in the drawing box for the desired prize.