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Sunday, 11/17 12pm

Come check out TFF and have a blast at DEFY. TFF is proudly sponsored by the Shulman Education Grant.

TFF Kickoff Event at Defy 

Sunday, 2/9 10am

A brand new Torah Scroll being dedicated to Aish. The purpose of this dedication by Lisa and Danny Klein is to give every family the opportunity to write their very own letter in the Torah. 

Aish is proud to dedicate the new year of 5780 as The Year of the Torah in honor of this incredible campaign.Join us for the opening ceremony.

Scribing Event II

Sessions start November 7th 8pm

Stay home in your pjs and dial in to inspiration and Jewish learning.

Join us for a weekly teleconference on Thursdays at 8pm starting October 24. 

Different topics, different teachers, always relevant and meaningful.

Mammas in Jamas

Meets Sundays starting November 3rd through January 12.

The Aish Bat Mitzvah program brings significant meaning and content to the Bat Mitzvah year. The program includes experiential learning sessions for mothers and daughters that focus on the image and actions of Jewish women throughout the generations.  Every session includes a shared learning experience for mothers and daughters, based on sources, creative activities (drama, movement, art…) and a group discussion that connects the world of Jewish values to the everyday life of the girls.

Bat Mitzvah Program