Sunday School 2018-2019

 Welcome  to Sunday School 2018-2019!

Enrolling nursery through 8th grade!

About Aish Sunday school
Aish Sunday School welcomes all children and families, regardless of membership or affiliation to create a revolution of Jewish life and learning.  By providing an avenue for Jewish education along with exciting experiences for the Holidays and other life cycle events, Aish Sunday School provides a non-judgmental environment filled with engaging, hands-on learning that enables our children and their families to translate Jewish learning into Jewish living which strengthens the Jewish identity of our children and their parents, and ultimately, builds community.

Our Curriculum
Aish Sunday school is structured around semesters.  Each year has a fall semester, winter semester and a mini-semester in the spring. During the Fall and winter semesters, we rotate through a series of 12 learning modules that each last 10-12 weeks.  Over a five-year period, every student in our Sunday school would have covered all the modules.  We also put an extra focus on our Shabbat and Holiday activities as this is the way we teach the kids about the Holidays, and it’s these events that build our community. The spring mini semester is time to do some out of the box learning, and each year Rabbi T comes up with a creative curriculum that takes the kids outside to explore Judaism.

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Sunday school is $995/year or $595 per semester ($395 for the mini-semester). Scholarships are available.
Preschool grade is $360 for the entire year.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Sunday school ends in 7th grade and then we encourage the kids to stay on as assistants in our Sunday school. Each student has a private tutor to prepare them for their Bnei Mitzvah. To learn more, or to speak to one of our 53 Bnai Mitzvah kids please call Rabbi T.

We are excited to announce that Sunday School is now under the direction of our well-loved teacher, Morah Shaina Weiss, Program Director. Morah Shaina will oversee the curriculum as well as our staff of wonderful teachers.

Our typical Sunday schedule:

9:30 Hebrew Reading & Cocoa Club

10:00 Assembly with Rabbi T

10:20 Classes begin

11:45 Community lunch

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Fall semester begins Sept 16.

The first semester will cover an in-depth exploration of the Jewish Calendar. Students will learn how the Jewish holiday works as well as gain an understanding of the meaning for all major and minor holidays and their significance to the the time of year and place on the calendar they fall out on.

2018-19 calendar

11/25No School Thanksgiving Break
12/16Final Day Semester
12/23No School Winter Break
12/30No School Winter Break
1/6Semester 2 Begins
2/17No School Presidents Day Break
3/31No School Spring Break
4/7No School Spring Break
4/14Final Day Semester 2
4/21No School Pesach
4/28MIni Series Begins