Our Team Members

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Rabbi Alon Tolwin

Rabbi and Co-Founder


Miriam Blitz

Controller, in charge of everything

Miriam is Aish’s behind the scenes office force. Miriam keeps the books, lends a hand to building maintenance and everything in between.


Rabbi Dovi Friedman

Teen & Family Engagement

As the


Rabbi Simcha Tolwin

Rabbi, Fundraiser and energy provider

As Executive Director and chief bottle washer at Aish. If you want to find him, he can usually be spotted at 5am or 11pm sitting on his front porch.


Rabbi Shneur Feldman

Director of A.S.K. (me anything)

Rabbi Shneur Feldman claims to know the secret to Jewish success: an unbridled passion for intense Torah study. Raised in Lakewood, NJ,


Estie Tolwin

Program Director, and awesomeness provider

As the force behind Aish HaTorah. As Program Director, Estie decides what programs we offer, and how they are run.


Malkie Friedman

Teen & Family Engagement

Malkie is

Contact: 25725 Coolidge Hwy. Oak Park, MI 48237    Tel: 248-327-3579.  Email: simchat@aish.com
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