Estie Tolwin

Program Director, and awesomeness provider

Estie Tolwin is the educational force behind Aish HaTorah. As Program Director, she decides what programs we offer, and how they are run. Estie is the reason that every time you walk into Aish it's an experience for the body and the soul. Together with her husband Simcha they have 6 children, no pets, and a home that is open to all. They moved from the East coast in 2007, and live in Huntington Woods a short walk from the Aish Center. Estie graduated with a BS in nutrition and uses her degree to make sure everyone is eating healthy at home and at Aish. Estie teaches 3 weekly classes and loves sharing Torah more than anything else.

Where you can catch up with Estie:
1. Join one of her weekly classes
2. Set up some one-on-one time: learning, making challah or going for a walk.
3. Join one of her amazing Israel trips.