Rabbi Simcha Tolwin

Rabbi, Fundraiser and energy provider

Rabbi Simcha Tolwin is the Executive Director and chief bottle washer at Aish. If you want to find him, he can usually be spotted at 5am or 11pm sitting on his front porch. In between those hours, his favorite past time is to grab a cup of coffee with you and chat about Aish, the Jewish People, and Torah. Rabbi T (as he is often called) just graduated with a MS in clinical counseling, studies Talmud each day, and calls himself a life long learner. Rabbi Tolwin is married to Estie, his partner in life and at Aish. They have 6 kids, their oldest is Chaim who recently got married to Aviva, followed by Shayna, Aleeza, Ari, Yoni, and Nati. Rabbi T can easily be reached by email:, or on his cell.

How you can interact with Rabbi T
1. Go out for a cup of coffee
2. Join his Tuesday morning Power Torah class
3. Join him any night at Aish at the ASK Kollel program