Aish Sunday School

Our mission: Have your kids fall in LOVE with Judaism!


Forget the Sunday school of your childhood, where you had to be dragged out of bed and sat tight in your seat listening to an outdated lecture. At Aish Sunday School, the kids learn to LOVE Judaism through hands-on, experiential learning. Our 5-year curriculum teaches kids how to read and write Hebrew, gives them the opportunity to study Torah, explore lifecycle events and the Jewish calendar, and experience an authentic taste of Judaism. The warm, welcoming, fun atmosphere at Aish Sunday School will have your kids jumping out of bed!  


Click HERE for the 5-year curriculum overview.


Preschool - $360/year

All other grades - $995/year




Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program: B'nei Mitzvah

The B'nei Mitzvah program will challenge your daughter or son to make their entry into Jewish adulthood a meaningful and memorable experience.  Each child is paired with a tutor to prepare their Torah reading and a d'var (brief Torah speech) that they will share at the B'nei Mitzvah Ceremony.  


Rabbi T meets with each family to personalize the experience, discover what is most meaningful to YOUR family, and discuss the type of service you'll have.


At Aish, our goal is to make this milestone the beginning of your child's Jewish journey, rather than the end.