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Mamas in Pajamas Class Syllabus

5/10 - Let’s Make it Count! Learn more about what it means to count the omer and what we are leading up to - receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai and the holiday of Shavuot. This class will cover how we make our actions and days “count” for our families. Taught by Malkie Friedman.

5/17 - Jewish Roots in the Book of Ruth - this less talked about bible story is full of great lessons, and great role models to teach our children about Jewish values. Taught by Ayala Kohn.

5/24 - Pain vs Pleasure - learn what the Torah says about pain to help you and your family get through the tougher moments of life and experience real pleasure. Taught by Malkie Friedman.

5/31 - The space time continuum - what “back to the future” and the receiving of the Torah have in common. What is the Holiday of Shavuot really about? How to make it fun and meaningful beyond ice cream and cheesecake. Taught by Ayala Kohn.

6/7 - Shabbat Part 2! The havdalah ceremony after Shabbat is beautiful - but what are we saying? Why do we do it? This class will cover why change matters and how you can adopt a truly beautiful ceremony at home for your family. Taught by Malkie Friedman.

6/14 - How to mourn the loss of a home you never knew. A lesson on the 3 weeks, tisha b’av and our thousands of years longing to rebuild the Beit Hamikdash. Taught by Ayala Kohn.

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