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What's your Jewish Name?

Dedicated by Erin and Jeff Shafritz

Instructions: Type in your email address (that you get aish emails) and start adding your family names. If you don't have a Jewish name we will help you choose one.

For many of us our Hebrew name is tucked in a corner of our minds collecting dust. When we are asked to recall it a moment of panic sets in and I oftten get the resposne; "I'll get back yo you on that, Rabbi", Today, it's essential to bring our Hebrew names back out front. Our kids should know ours, and we should know our children's Hebrew names. Aish is embarking on a campaign to collect and save your Hebrew names.  Use the link below to fill out your names, and if you don't have a Hebrew name, call us! In March, we will have a big Shabbat in honor of all the new Hebrew names given.

Oh! what's a name without a personalized mug? Once you complete the form, you will get a personalined mug with your Hebrew name!



Why have a Hebrew name?

  • Connection to your heritage: In Judaism, a Hebrew name is seen as a connection to your ancestors and the Jewish people as a whole. It can help you feel more rooted in your tradition and identity.

  • Hebrew names have a special spiritual significance and channel energy into your soul.

  • Many Hebrew names have beautiful meanings and symbolism that can inspire and guide you. Knowing the meaning of your name can help you understand yourself better.

  • In many Jewish ceremonies and rituals, such as bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings, your Hebrew name is used. 

  • Sense of self-discovery: Learning about your Hebrew name can be a journey of self-discovery. It can help you learn about your family history and explore your Jewish identity.

  • Unique identity: Your Hebrew name can be a reminder of your unique identity and place in the world.

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