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Choose any Shabbat

Soldiers in the IDF are asking us to up-keep the Shabbat because they are serving on the front lines protecting our country. Shabbat brings protection and our soldiers are asking for yours. You will be paired up with a soldier who by video is asking for your partnership. Use this form to select a soldier and watch his video, then pick a shabbat weekend that you can keep.
HOW: From sunset on Friday to sundown on Saturday…
Prepare your meals before shabbat (Don’t cook)
Stay Close to Home (Don’t Drive)
Set Your Lights Before Shabbat (No electricity)
Light Shabbat Candles
Make Kiddush
Have a Shabbat Dinner

Connecting Jews to their Judaism
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Donations can be mailed to:

25725 Coolidge Hwy,
Oak Park, MI 48237


Tax Exempt EIN: 20-5429082

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