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180 for 180

Tomorrow Wednesday, April 3rd is a sad milestone, it is 180 days of captivity for close to 140 hostages. We ask what can we do? As the Jewish people one of the strongest things we can do is a mitzvah in the merit of one who needs help. Tomorrow from 2-6 PM will be giving out Star of David cookies, with their blessing of mezonot and the name of a hostage to pray for. We  ask you to come and pick them up for your family and friends and make a blessing on the cookie and have the hostage in mind. If you would like to pick up 10 or more to deliver to friends please email Estie so she can set them aside for you.

Click Here for a full list of hostages


Israel Unity is a mission for women only, and the Israel solidarity mission is open to everyone. Please join us for an incredible Israel experience.

July 2-7

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