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The Aish Wisdom Cafe is a convener space for Jewish people to engage in meaningful conversations around Torah topics that are relevant to the modern Jewish person. Wisdom Cafe will feature great speakers that spark conversation, fantastic music, and a cup of coffee. 

Soul Construction with Estie Tolwin

Thursday 10:00am at the Wisdom Cafe

Unconditional Parenting: support group with Rabbi T

Wednesday 7:00pm at the Wisdom Cafe

Hebrew Reading with Rabbi T

Thursday 6:00pm at the Wisdom Cafe 6 week series begins October 12th

Living with Emuna
with Estie Tolwin

Wednesday 9:30am at the Wisdom Cafe

Taste of Talmud
with Rabbi Noam Miller

Thursday 7:00pm at the Wisdom Cafe

Play Cafe

Thursday 9:00am-11:00am at the Wisdom Cafe

Jewish Values for the Jewish Home
with Ayala Kohn

Tuesday 9:00am at the Wisdom Cafe

Inner Strength
with Miriam Miller

Tuesday 11:00pm at the Wisdom Cafe

Weekly Parsha with Rabbi T

Tuesday 8:00am at the Wisdom Cafe begins weekly October 10th



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