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The Worldwide Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program is a series of inspiring and exciting classes given by dynamic teachers and mentors, centred around the momentous occasion of your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

This 10 week series covers all things Bar & Bat Mitzvah related, including lessons on time management, skill development, self-esteem, priorities, handling peers and SO MUCH MORE!

The Worldwide Bar & Bat Mitzvah is THE gift you give your child and yourself to build that special bond between the two of you, and help guide you both through your child’s journey on becoming a successful, contributing member of society.

Feeling more prepared for the real world
Invigorated and excited about their Jewish roots
Confident in who they are
Aware of their strengths and abilities
More connected to their Parents and siblings
Enthusiastic about their new outlook on life
Eager to use the skills they learned with the program

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