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Join us in the Week of Goodness for the Hostages, a global initiative to stand in solidarity with those affected by the tragic events of October 7. By participating, you can make a meaningful impact through simple acts of kindness, volunteering, and spreading positivity in our community. Each good deed performed in honor of the hostages sends a powerful message of support and hope. Together, we can create a wave of compassion and awareness that transcends borders and brings light to those in need. Let's unite in this effort and show that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit remains resilient and kind.

Sunday - Choose an hour of clean speech

Monday - Worldwide Limud (study) Help to complete the entire Tanach in 24 hours.

Tuesday and Wednesday- Good Deeds in the merit of the hostages

Thursday- Hafrashat Challah

Friday- Bringing in a Shabbat of Blessings

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Donations can be mailed to:

25725 Coolidge Hwy,
Oak Park, MI 48237


Tax Exempt EIN: 20-5429082

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