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Purim 3/24

Purim begins Saturday night, March 23, 2024 through Sunday, March 24. 

Purim is a joyous holiday commemorating the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia. Haman the Amalekite receives King Ahasuerus's permission to annihilate the Jews, but the king's Jewish queen Esther, prompted by her cousin Mordechai, intercedes with the king and the decree is turned on its head. The Jews are instead allowed to avenge themselves of their enemies on the very day their destruction was fated. We celebrate our victory on the subsequent day, the 14th of Adar.

Brunch, Learn and Bake

Friday, March 23rd at 10 AM

"Find your Esther Moment"

A Purim conversation, baking and brunch at the Wisdom Cafe. Learn all about what makes Purim so special, wile enjoying an awesome Friday brunch with friends. Taught by Estie (Esther) Tolwin

Pop Up Purim

Invite your friends over and Aish will come to your home with supplies to make Hamentashen, Mishloach Manot and share some Purim wisdom. If you would prefer having the mess in the Aish kitchen, then bring your friends and family here, we will make it a party!

Purim 3-01 at 1.23.17 PM.jpeg

Heroes & Villians

Join us on Sunday morning for a fun fillled Purim experience featuring heroes and villains.

Special prizes for everyone who comes in costume, and featuring surprise appearences by your favorite heroes and scariest villains! Sunday, March 24th at 9:30 AM

Megillah, Martinis (and Mocktails)

Rabbi Tolwin finally learned how to read the Megillah, come check out his skills and enjoy a purim drink to fulfill all the Mitzvot of Purim.

Megillah reading will also take place at Aish Saturday night, Sunday morning, and at "Megillah and Martinis" Sunday at 5PM. For additional times please call us.

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