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Aish HaTorah Detroit is an innovative organization committed to strengthening the Jewish Family by providing programming that is meaningful, experiential and relevant. 

Many of our programs like our Mom’s Mission, and The Man’s Seder have been replicated worldwide, and have impacted 1000's of families here in Detroit and across America. 

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Mission +

Jewish values begins in the home. We are committed to creating a community of homes built with Torah values as the heart of the family.

1. All Jews are equal. The Jewish people come from diverse cultures and races, we are multilingual with very diverse views on everything, but at the end; we are all an equal part of the Jewish family.

2.  Judaism is a Journey, not a Destination. Us, you, old, young, we are all on our own personal journey.            

3.  It all begins with the home. WE believe that the center of Judaism is your home. Our mission is to strengthen the Jewish home and family and then to watch it grow from there.          

4.  Judasim isn’t about being Jewish, it’s about living Jewish. Halacha - is how we live jewish, therefore all our programming follows Halacha, Jewish Torah law.          

5.  The Jewish people are one family. Therefore we are all connected to and responsible for one another.    

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“Congratulations to Aish and to its founder, Rabbi Noah Weinberg, for his success in educating Jews about the power of their history and strength of their tradition.”

Steven Spielberg

Director, Producer & Screenwriter

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What About...

Not sure what Aish is or what we're about? These are some frequently asked questions, see if you can find answers here. If you still can't find the answer to what you looking for we would love to answer you directly! You can shoot us a message here.

What Is Aish Anyways?

Aish is like visiting family, we welcome you into our home and feed you heart and soul. We offer up fun and laughs, inspiration and new acquired knowledge. And like all good Jewish family - we send you home with leftovers, some food for thought that makes you want to visit again!"

Is Aish a Synagouge?

No, we are not a synagouge. No membership required here, and no fixed seats. We don't operate like a synagogue, but we do offer Services and a Sunday school. Aish is your place to build a Jewish community with out the trappings of your Bubby's shul.


Do I need to believe in G-d, or be observant/religious to join Aish?

All you need to join Aish is to show up! We have a lot to learn from your questions and you will surely learn a lot from our answers! It's by learning that we change our actions and it's changing our actions that make us better people. Most people that come to Aish don't consider themselves religious. We encourage you to be as religious as you are ready for, and then we will push you a little bit more. After all the job of a Rabbi is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. 

What If My Spouse / Parent / Family Member Is Not Jewish?

We look to strengthen the Jewish family, whatever your unique Jewish family looks like. We welcome interfaith couples and provide the education they are seeking to decide how they will choose to raise their family. 

How is Aish funded?

All of our funding is local, and we do not get support from Aish International. About 20% is program income, 20% foundation, and 60% is donations from people like yourselves who want to be part of building a better Jewish community!

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